Wild Plant Gallery

The early days

Wild Plant Gallery

Swan song

From the early 1970s until 2004 Gwen and I, now in our nineties, spent much of our leisure time photographing wild flowers in Britain, Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and North America. As a consequence we have accumulated a collection of photographs of many  wild flowering plants growing in their native habitats. As digital photography for the amateur became available rather too late for us, all of the images are on slides, the majority Kodachrome. We are now gradually scanning them, producing digital images necessary for this website. The Kodachrome slides have maintained their quality well, but many of the others used in the 1970s have deteriorated, hence the poor quality of some of the earlier images.                                

The purpose of this website is to leave a selection from our library, not only as a record of an absorbing and wonderful hobby enjoyed by two absolute amateurs, but hopefully for the pleasure of other interested enthusiasts.

As well as the Galleries, seven Slideshows are available, these being PowerPoint presentations previously used for our lectures.

We wish to thank our granddaughter, Kristin Repsher, who redesigned this website.